Cockroaches are one of the most common household pests in North America. They are sneaky little guys that live outside then come in and make themselves at home when the time is right. But the truth is, cockroaches are selective where they live. Is your home somewhere a roach would like to be? In order to know if you have or are at risk for a roach infestation, you have to think like a roach. Here are some key questions about roaches answered. In order to prevent cockroaches from getting in your home, learn about some of their most basic behaviors. 

What are cockroaches attracted to? Cockroaches aren’t that much different than us in that they’d usually rather be warm and inside rather than outdoors in the elements. Cockroaches have actually only been in North America for a few hundred years. Some say they came in on ships from Africa, where they thrived in the warm, humid conditions found on the continent. Even though they live in most states, even with long winters, they’re naturally meant to be in hot weather. That’s why they’re attracted to warm areas of your home, like the kitchen. But above all, what do they want more than anything else? Food. That’s why kitchens and pantries are they’re favorite spots to hang out (more on that a bit later). 

How do they even get inside your home? 

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Cockroaches are masters of stealth. They like to hide themselves in the warm little nooks and crannies in your home. Cockroaches get into your home through tiny holes and cracks that are difficult to notice. To prevent any cockroaches from entering your home, caulk or seal any tight entry ways where a roach could squeeze through . If you see one, more are bound to be elsewhere. We may see a lady bug, beetle, or cricket, and think no big deal, but a single cockroach could be a sign of a larger problem. If one or two sneak in, a whole colony could be there in no time. Cockroaches even have pheromones they give off in their feces that attract other cockroaches! They love to meet up and have get-togethers.  

A lot of times in your kitchen, bedroom, etc., you may see a small roach or two scurry across the floor, and think where the heck did this come from?. This likely means they are out and about while the bigger ones are hiding in your stove or cabinets. If you see a couple little roaches scurry across the floor, you might want to take a closer look. It might seem like no big deal, but roaches, like many other species of insects, live in big colonies.  

What do cockroaches eat? 

cockroach on silver table next to red plate with crumbs on it

Obviously, roaches need to eat! Roaches love food. Any trace of food left in your kitchen or bedroom could eventually signal to a roach that you have a vacancy for them. One of the things they are attracted to the most is grease that builds up behind your appliances that accumulates after cooking.  They also love to eat crumbs of whatever is left in your pantry and most all garbage. Whatever you leave behind, they’ll happily take off your hands and into their little sticky legs. So this goes without saying, but clean up any food or debris left around that a cockroach would love to have for lunch. If you have children (or roommates) that have a bad habit of leaving dishes around, take an extra look to make sure you got everything clean and tidy. Otherwise, you’re practically opening an all-you-can-eat roach buffet. 

Where do cockroaches live? 

Cockroaches love tight spaces. In fact, they have adapted to be able to squeeze through holes less than half their size. They like to be all tucked in. You might lift your kid’s doll house and boom; an army of cockroaches comes scurrying towards you! They can hide in all sorts of places you might not even think of, like your speakers and game consoles. They love electronics because they are warm and compact, which for them is the ideal environment. The kitchen is a no brainer. This is because the kitchen has the two things roaches like most: food and warmth. Again, roaches love warmth, so check fuse boxes, light sockets, and pipes.  

Do you think your home is a place a cockroach would like to stay?

Do you think you may have some unexpected visitors in your home in the form of 6 legged brown insects? We can take care of them for you. Consider your roach friend as good as gone. Get in touch today and tell us what’s bugging you or give us a call and we’ll find send your roaches or any other pests on their way.