Tiny Termite House

In 2018, the National Pest Management Association produced a video demonstrating the destructive power of an unmitigated termite infestation. They designed a “Tiny Termite House” consisting of all the features you would find in an actual structure, including wall studs, electrical wiring, plumbing, drywall, etc. The tiny house looked beautiful…and then they released thousands of Formosan termites into the miniature dwelling and recorded the resulting carnage.

You can watch the results here:

Perhaps the most startling and disturbing aspect of the video is that while the termites were destroying the house from the inside, from the outside it still looked pristine! Now, while here in Kentuckiana we thankfully don’t have to deal with the Formosan termites featured in the video, the subterranean variety common to this area can still do considerable damage. Left unchecked, even a small colony can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars in both cosmetic and structural damage to your property. The best way to avoid a destructive termite infestation is to stop it before it starts. Routine termite inspections can identify evidence of termite activity, and modern treatment methods can stop an infestation right in its tracks. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and consultation!