Bedbugs Coming Home for the Holidays

When your college student returns home to Louisville for the holidays this year, their presence will undoubtedly be welcome—even if a laundry bag brimming with unwashed clothes tagged along with them. Yet, there’s one thing you definitely don’t want hitching a ride back from campus this year—a bedbug infestation.

It’s not your student’s fault; this year, there’s been a global resurgence in worldwide bedbug populations. Bedbugs can globetrot so easily because they’re crafty stowaways, lurking in everything from laptop cases to luggage. They might even burrow into the seams of your student’s clothing—especially those unwashed items.

If bedbugs do make their way into your Louisville home this year, don’t panic. These pests have pestered humans for centuries. Rest assured, there are tried-and-true methods to eradicate them. For the full introduction to bedbugs, keep reading for the course syllabus:

Bedbugs 101: Bedbug Sociology

Bedbugs tend to thrive in communal living spaces like dormitories—think lots of beds and a high turnover of residents—typical of university settings. Poor cleanliness habits only amplify the issue, and let’s face it, college students aren’t exactly renowned for their meticulousness in these areas.

Despite expectations for universities to manage such pests, unnoticed bedbug issues are not rare. Overwhelmed by their studies, students may overlook the signs of bedbug bites, and infestations often worsen before they’re spotted—particularly given the bugs’ propensity for concealment.

Given the likelihood that students from Louisville may inadvertently transport bedbugs, proactive measures become essential. Educating your child about the signs and prevention of bedbugs is a crucial first step.

Need to See Some ID

Bedbugs resemble oval, reddish-brown apple seeds. More noticeable, however, are the distinctive stains they leave behind—rusty spots on linens from crushed bedbugs or their dark, ink-like droppings.

To inspect for these pests, methodically remove bedding layers, inspect the mattress, and examine the bed frame and surrounding furniture, paying close attention to nooks and crannies. Should your student spot bedbugs, prompt contact with their university’s maintenance department is vital.

Up Your Homecoming Game

At home in Louisville, reinforce your defenses with specialized bedbug-proof covers for mattresses and box springs and place interceptor traps under furniture legs. These measures prevent infestations and trap any stragglers.

Following your student’s return to university, treat their bedding with a cycle in the hot dryer before washing to eradicate any potential bedbugs. A thorough vacuum of their room is also prudent, vigilantly searching for any signs of bedbugs. If you find any of your own beds bugged, contact a pest control professional at Team Bug Out immediately. For comprehensive advice and insights on bedbug management, Tell Us What’s Bugging You.